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* University Activities
-helping in social programme by forming respective major associations
-holding seminars for undergraduate students according to their
respective subject
-holding research paper reading
-having course for first-aid
-having talks for raising awareness on traffic rules

* Purposes of giving lectures
– to become outstanding academicians
– to be able to develop human resource with education for economy development
– to be able to develop union spirit and to adore national literature, culture and traditions
– to promote sport techniques to be able to develop fit and strong citizens
– to be able to develop teaching learning researches that are of help to state and regional development


* Examinations

            In Hpa-an University, examination are held twice a year (for First semester & Second semester)according to the specialized modules.

Rule and Regulations for Students

                        – have to wear Myanmar dress in dignity of University

                        – not allowed to take exam if attendance rate is less than 75%

                        – necessary action is taken if prohibitions in university  entrance guide book are being against

                        * 5000 students can attend at Hpa-an  University according to its infrastructure

  *  Hostels for male/female students

                        Jade Hostel (four storeys) (male Student hostel)

                                                  – for(240) students

                        Pearl Hostel (four storeys) (female Student hostel)

                                                  -for(240) students

                        Kantkaw Hostel (two storeys) (female Student hostel)

                                                  -for(150) students